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Gradient Colour Reusable Fabric Mask (Medium Size 210mm x 130mm)

Gradient Colour Reusable Fabric Mask (Medium Size 210mm x 130mm)

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  • All fabrics are natural materials
    Comfortable and breathable
    Good filtration (BFE %≥ 95%, PFE % ≥ 95%)
  • No leakage design (with nose wire and curvy contour design to minimize gap between facial contour and the mask)
  • Skin sensitive elastic band 
  • Slim face contour design to make face looks slim
  • Include adjustment rings on elastic bands on both sides
  • If mask is gentle hand washed, mask is reusable for around 90-100 times. 

210mm Wide x 130mm Tall (Fit most female faces)

100% cotton, 100% silk, 100% bamboo fabric


  • Gentle hand wash the mask with cold water and soap.  Line dry. 
  • Do not mix with other garments during wash. 
  • Do not machine wash. 
  • Do not dry clean. 
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • If necessary, iron the outer cotton layer with low heat iron only.

When designing the mask, our team set ambitious goals.  The mask should achieve good filtration efficiency without needing to add extra filter.  It should be comfortable and breathable.  More importantly, the mask must be as eco-friendly as possible.  It must also fit most face shapes comfortably.  After months of relentless sampling and testing, we came up this product, which we are so proud of.   

Unlike most reusable mask, which are mainly made with synthetic fabrics that takes years to decompose, we insisted using all natural fabrics that could delivery even better functions.  We discourage use of disposable or synthetic fabric masks, use natural fabric ones to reduce waste and preserve our Earth.


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