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No-touch Button Pressor Keychain (Set of 3pcs)

No-touch Button Pressor Keychain (Set of 3pcs)

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  • Creative keychain that also serves as a hygienic tool for pressing buttons and opening doors without needing to directly contact of possible germs and bacteria with hands.
  • Leaves no scratches or damages on hard surfaces such as plastic, wood, stone or metal surfaces.
  • Sturdy enough to hold up to 8kg objects.  
  • Easy to be kept in jean pockets, small hand bags, or even regular size wallets.
  • Easy gripped by various hand sizes.
  • Each retractable key chain includes a circular metal carabiner to the door opener securely.   String is (90cm long).


  • 47mm wide x 92mm tall x 5mm thick (9 hook only)
  • Retractable key chain – can be extended to 90cm long


  • Hard core metal
  • Silicone

Clean with water, soap, wet tissue or alcohol spray. 

In 2020, when pandemic just started, our team brainstormed some ideas about how to reduce the risks of getting infected apart from wearing mask.  One way to reduce risk is to minimize direct touch of door bells or door handles with hands in public places. 

Hence, we came up with this idea; to make a 9 shape keychain that is coated wrapped with soft Silicone.   The shape design enable one to open most of door handles.  We use hard core metal so that it is sturdy enough to hold at least 8kg of objects, so that it doesn’t easily deform while opening heavy doors.  Also, the round angels of the “nine hook” can be used to press lift buttons or door bells. 

In addition to functionality, we made the “nine hook” very fashionable in appearance so that it can be hung on handbags, if it is not used as a keychain.  Each hook includes a retractable keychain which contains a 90cm long string that make the hook more convenient to use.

The 9-hook keychain is small, flat, yet sturdy.  It is also colorful for matching your bags and clothes.    It is certainly a thoughtful gift to anyone.

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