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Natural Selenite Crystal Candle Holder + LED Night Light (Dual Functions)

Natural Selenite Crystal Candle Holder + LED Night Light (Dual Functions)

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  • One design, two uses: candle holder and LED night light (great value!).
  • Made from natural selenite crystals.
  • Hand carved crystal with wooden LED base.
  • A powerful crystal said to promote peace and calm, mental clarity and happiness.
  • Selenite rough carving for added style.
  • A simple and elegant piece that elevates the overall mood of the interior with calm and romance.
  • Easy to use. Very convenient to move anywhere they want.
  • Can be used in living room, bathroom, bedroom or desk.
  • Each set includes 6 tea candles.
  • Each selenite crystal is hand-engraved and rough-polished. Rough edges and sides are a feature of the product, not a defect. It is designed to maintain the natural original style of the crystal.


  • Selenite crystal – Approximately 6cm diameter x 6.5cm Tall
  • Lamp base – 6.5cm diameter x 1cm height
  • USB cord – Approximately 140cm length 


  • 100% selenite crystal
  • Wood 


Wipe clean with dry cloth.  Do not scrub.


A pragmatic way to achieve a sustainable lifestyle is to buy products that are not only of good quality but also have multiple uses, as this will reduce the number of future purchases that may end up being wasted. This selenite crystal LED night light is perfect for those looking for a practical, stylish, and sustainable lifestyle. It can be used as a candle holder or LED night light!

Selenite crystals are the crystalline form of gypsum, usually in the form of translucent faceted stones. It is said to contain natural healing powers that promote peace, calm, clarity and well-being.

This simple and elegant piece is not only practical, but a very beautiful accessory. Whether used as a candelabra or LED night light, it can add tranquility and romance to an interior ambience at night. Even in the daytime, its translucent white and original hand-carving is a unique home decor.


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