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Metallic Cotton Canvas All Purpose Carryall Tote Bag

Metallic Cotton Canvas All Purpose Carryall Tote Bag

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Hand made    Only at Go Hey Heybiodegradable materialsSustainable developmentresponsible sourcingEcological dyes


  • Design concept was inspired by glamorous evening dress.
  • Dynamic front pocket design
  • A casual tote bag with funky and upscale design elements
  • With anti-theft design
  • One bag with 2 shapes: slim trapezoid shape or square shape
  • Very large capacity
  • With inner pocket
  • Golden magnetic button closure
  • All natural fabrics
  • Easy to match daily wear from t-shirt to smart casual business outfits


33.5cm Wide x 37cm Tall (without handles) x 11.5cm Depth 


  • 100% heavy weight cotton canvas
  • 100% metallic cotton fabric


Gentle hand wash with cold water.  Hang dry.


Most cotton tote bags we see in shops are usually for casual occasions such as casual shopping because it hardly conveys a sense of luxury.  However, we wanted to create a more upscale cotton tote bag that would suit various occasions. To create a sense of style and sophistication, our designers created this tote bag inspired by women's high-end evening gowns.

This tote is crafted from heavy cotton canvas and cotton fabric with metallic finish. The two different finishing evoke a unique sense of contemporary luxury that can easily be paired with different everyday looks, such as casual outings or business casual outfits.

In addition, to make the bag more dynamic, designer abandons generally flat layout of front pocket, but made it slightly protrudes.  When matching with shiny metallic fabric, it is like the upper part of an evening dress.

The designer also meticulously  designed an anti-theft straps. In addition to the magnetic button as closure, there are also straps on both sides. After it is buckled, it is difficult for others to reach into it and take things out. 

Another function of the anti-theft straps is to create two bag shapes.  When buckle up, the tote bag is slim trapezoid.  When the bag is unbuckled, it is a square shape.  

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