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Car Air Aroma Diffuser Clip (Dome Shape) + 2pcs high absorbent rock stones

Car Air Aroma Diffuser Clip (Dome Shape) + 2pcs high absorbent rock stones

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  • Futuristic dome shape design
  • Each diffuser includes TWO high absorbent rock stones 
  • Absorbent rock is made with natural rock powder, which are fired at 2000 deg. Celsius.  This allows the stone to lock the fragrance of essential oil molecules to make the aroma longer lasting. 
  • High quality stainless steel with metallic color finishing 
  • Easy clip-on
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for enhancing car interior aroma 
  • A few drops of your favorite essential or fragrance oil would make your car interior instantly filled with aroma.
  • An excellent and convenient deodorizer/air freshener


32mm diameter x 15mm tall (clip length is 25mm) 


Stainless steel


  • For diffuser exterior, wipe clean with damp cloth. Do no scrub.
  • For rock stone, gentle wash with water. Leave on flat surface until completely dries.  


This futuristic dome shape designed aroma diffuser clip is aesthetically pleasing. It is non-electronic. Only few drops of essential or fragrance oil on the rock stone will transform your car interior into more soothing and comfortable place with aroma. Particularly, the rock stone, which is made with natural rock powder that are fired under 2000 degree Celsius, is designed to lock the essential oil molecule to make the aroma more long lasting.  This is certainly a safe and easy way to enhance car interior air quality, boosting energy and mood and also a very quick and convenient way to instantly reducing odor of the car.

The diffuser is high quality and absolutely easy to use. It is a perfect modern luxury piece to decorate your car with practical deodorizing function. It is also a great unique gift to anyone who drives!

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