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Natural Clear Calcite LED Night Light

Natural Clear Calcite LED Night Light

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  • Calcite night light is a wonderful piece to lift the mood in any space.
  • The night light is a very unique décor in any space of office and home.  

  • Simple elegant décor
  • Easy to use.  

  • Calcite can be placed either vertically or horizontally.
  • Calcite is said to be an all-rounder physical, mental and emotion healing properties.  
  • Increases one’s motivation level, makes the mind sharper but keeps you balance and calamity.  
  • Calcite crystal can filter air, remove odor and harmful substances in the air.  
  • Each light include USB cord with on/off switch.
  • Each Calcite’s edges are roughly polished.  The rough edges are a feature of this product and are not defects.  It is meant to keep the natural raw style of the crystal.  


  • Calcite crystal – Approximately 6cm Width x 4cm Length x 3cm Depth
  • Lamp base – 6.5cm diameter x 1cm height
  • USB cord – Approximately 140cm length 


  • 100% Calcite crystal
  • Wood 

Wipe clean with dry cloth.  Do not scrub. 

When we first saw this night light, we fell in love with it.  In the daytime, the refraction of sunlight through calcite makes the interior space more delightful, and which certainly lifts our energy at work, or cheer up our mood from a stressful day. 

At night, when the soft LED light is refracted through the spar, the ambiance of interior space becomes extra peaceful and romantic.  It does not only make people feel calm, but also brings a moment of happiness to you after a busy day.

Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral that comes in a range of different colors like white, clear, yellow, blue, and green.  It has various names including Calcspar, Clear Calcite, or Iceland Spar.  Calcite is said to have physical, emotional and mental healing properties, such as upping energy level, enhance calamity,  remove odor and flushing out negative energy. 

This natural decorative night light fits any space like home, toilet or even office desk.  It is small yet delicate.  The rawness of the stone is subtle but yet subtly brighten up the entire interior space.  Such simple elegance reflects one’s discerning tastes of interior aesthetics. 


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